Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dr. K. Narendar Reddy, Ph.D.

Dr. K. Narendar Reddy had obtained AMIE (Computer Engineering) degree from Institution of Engieers, M.Tech. and Ph.D degrees in Computer Science & Engineering from JNTUA, Anatapur. He is also having another M.Tech. degree in Mining Engineering with specialization in Mine Planning & Design, from IT BHU (currently known as IIT BHU). He is having 27 years of research and teaching experience. Prior to his career in academics, he had served as Scientist at National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM), Central Government R&D Unit under Ministry of Mines & Minerals, for more than 10 years. As Scientist he had applied computer science, mathematics, and domain knowledge and provided solutions based on stress analysis using numerical modeling (Numerical techniques: Finite Element Method (FEM), Universal Distinct Element Code (UDEC), Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua (FLAC)), to different practical Mining and Civil Engineering problems.

In the 16 years of teaching experience, he has taught more than 12 different Computer Science & Engineering subjects.  He has published 19 papers in international journals and conferences. His papers have more than 76 citations. His current areas of research are related to software in the context of standalone, distributed and cloud environments. The research areas are; software design, testing, software reliability, search based software engineering, machine learning for software engineering, and software data analytics.

He is a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and Associate Dean for Students’ Affairs. As Associate Dean for Students’ Affairs, he is looking after mentoring activities for the students. Mentoring of students is started with an aim to help the students in many aspects. Mentoring of students helps to explore their academic interests and activities, make them work for excellence, to stand up to peer pressure, to build relations between teachers and students, to build character, to gain knowledge & skills in the area of her/his study, and to experience the joy of learning. Mentoring helps to nurture the character as an essential quality by which she/he would understand and fulfill her/his responsibility as an engineer, a citizen and as a human being.